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Converting VIDEO_TS files on HDD to .ISO


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Never used IMGBURN for anything but straight-forward DVD copies, so pardon my 'dumbness' on this quest.


Object: Change VIDEO_TS movie file to .ISO to be mounted on a virtual drive for playing.


This was the process I used:
IMGBURN; Select Write image file to disc> Mode to BUILD>  Select VIDEO_TS file from HDD> Select file to copy to..

Here are a couple clips to illustrate my question:






Some of the VIDEO_TS files do not display the second window, they just go straight to conversion.  Anyone please explain WHY? the difference and what do I have to do to get this one to convert to a straight .ISO file?


Thank You Kindly



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The second image only affects layer break positioning. The 'other' titles may just not be suitable or meet certain criteria to be used for layer break. No big deal.


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Slow, but sure :whack:     


Putting .ISO on HDD so breaks were unnecessary.  Clicking IGNORE LAYER BREAK OPTIONS in spite of dire warnings against it and it did just that.. Whatta Deal!

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Yeah, what probably was the case is one VIDEO_TS fit on a single layer DVD while another VIDEO_TS would only fit on a dual layer DVD.  You won't get the 2nd screen asking for a layer break position on DVD Video content that fits on a single layer DVD.

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