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How to delete a folder whose name ends with a period?


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I accidentally named a folder with a period at the end and now I can't delete it by any means I've tried.  I know there's way to do it because I've done it before, but I don't remember how.  It's either using the DEL or RD in Command Prompt, probably with a /S for RD.  However, I think there were some other kind of arguments to bypass Windows API to properly issue the delete command?  :unsure:



Does anyone know what I'm talking about and how to remove this folder?  :unknown:



Of course, Windows ALLOWS you to name a folder with a period at the end even though it's NOT allowed!  :rolleyes:







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I tried searching with Google, but I found multiple solutions.  And none of them seemed to work.



I tried Unlocker, but that didn't work.  The problem is the folder isn't really "there."  It's an invalid pointer it seems.  Attempting to delete it just returns a generic Windows error code that also applies to things including failed Windows Update updates.



I tried the 7Zip solution and that seemed to do the trick.

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