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Can ImgBurn queue the burning of different file folders?


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Hi there,


Been a long time user of ImgBurn, but always used it in a sequential manner. I'm trying to figure out if I can automate the burning of multiple folders? Let me explain in more detail what I'm trying to do:


The old way:


I separate the files that I'm backing up into separate folders (i.e. f1, f2, f3) that fit onto a BD-R. I then launch ImgBurn, select that I want to burn files to disc, drag over the folder (say f1), press burn... and repeat for each folder. This takes forever because I wait until I have about 30 BD-Rs worth of files before getting around to doing the burning.


What I have:


I bought a Nimbie BD duplicator. Great little device... except the software is abysmal. The app that I'm using crashes constantly, is a pain to queue up jobs (the creator has no concept of GUI usability), and when the app eventually freezes, it's queue manager is buggy and not actually able to process queued items (it just burns a few megs then creates a coaster while claiming success) so I have I have to create the queue manually again using the terrible GUI only for it to crash again later and repeat this process each time... aaargh!


What I'd like:


I'd like to go back to using ImgBurn because I loved using it. I noticed that it supports the Nimbie, but as far as I can tell, the only way I can automate a build is to pre-convert everything into ISO files (this will take forever) or just have it make a bunch of copies of a single ISO file.


Is there to batch up jobs like I did in the old way when I used to select files? So I could just do that 30 times, hit go and let ImgBurn burn the 30 discs?


Thanks for the help.


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Thanks LUK. I did some digging and found the README.TXT file. Lots of nice command line options in there.


In the end, I decided to invest a few hours and whipped up a quick win forms application to automate the whole job generation / file organization accounting stuff, then it calls ImgBurn through the command line for each job so I can skip the ISO file creation step.


Should work (in theory) and I believe this should also drive the Nimbie. Haven't actually tried running it yet, l'll give it a test run tonight or tomorrow most likely!


Thanks again.



There's no batch functionality for Build mode, no.

You should in theory be able to do it via a batch file though.

Take a look at this, it may help.


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