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ImgBurn is pretty smart


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I've got to admit, ImgBurn is one smart cookie.  I got an error message I had never received before while testing this new Pioneer 2209 in an enclosure.  After 5 successful BD-R burns in a row, I got a weird error message saying it couldn't finalize the disc because of corrupt media. 


W 10:27:00 Retry Failed - Reason: Medium Format Corrupted
E 10:27:02 Finalise Disc Failed! - Reason: Positioning Error Detected by Read of Medium

I ejected the disc, after being forced to power off the drive and back on because it was stuck in a loop on the unreadable media, and discovered the cause.  There was a crack running through part of the disc from the center hole.  I'm hoping the drive didn't cause this and that the media was just one of those 1 in a 1,000 failures you encounter from genuine Verbatim media.



ImgBurn is one smart cookie!  :D  It actually pegged that the media was corrupt.  :thumbsup:

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