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File write order relative to file order in disc layout editor


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When using IMGBURN in BUILD mode and using the DISC LAYOUT EDITOR, I noticed that when source files are dropped into the disc layout editor, the order of the files are in the order in which the files are dropped. Does this mean that the ACTUAL WRITING ORDER of the files to the optical media will also respect this ordering as displayed in the disc layout editor?

I am hoping that the answer to this question is yes, because I am aware that with other ODD software, although a disc layout editor may DISPLAY the files in a particular preferred display order (usually sorted by file name order), in fact when writing occurs, it is actually written to disc in the order in which the files appears in the actual source directory without sorting. However, I am interested in getting a clarification on this point with regards to IMGBURN because that would mean that files listed at the top would be written to beginning tracks near the centre of the disc whereas files listed lower in a given folder will be written to the disc further away from the disc centre.

My concern is mainly for BD-RE writing and I am aware that BD-RE is in fact a random access disc format as compared to DVD and CD writable media. So I am not sure whether a single DAO (disc at once) BD write session would mean the data would be written sequentially using disc space from the centre out or it could be written randomly to other areas of the BD-RE logical disc space. From my past observation, I believe the result of a DAO BD write session is the former, i.e. disc space will be written sequentially from centre out.


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