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Disk Layout Editor - Incorrect ICONs associated with related file extensions


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The "Disk Layout Editor" shows the incorrect ICONs for the related files.

For example, I have mostly .ISO image files in a project and their corresponding .SHA1 files. The .ISO files show a Steam ICON and the .SHA1 files show a "Sims 2" ICON. Both of these are related to gaming. I'm not sure if that matters or it's just by coincidence.

Also, more generally, I am wondering if a new version of ImgBurn would be released anytime in the near future that fixes some persistent bugs like these. It looks like it's been 5 years since the last release. It seems like an awfully long time to go to between releases. Features aside, there has to be more than a few bugs that could be done away with in a new maintenance release.

Thanks for reading!

***EDIT***: I did exit out of ImgBurn all together. Then I re-launched ImgBurn and reloaded my "Most Recent Project". This fixed the improper ICON associations for the time being. So, this must be something that happens dynamically when certain steps are taken in alignment with the stars.

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Check an .ISO file in Windows/File Explorer of a folder containing an .ISO.  Make sure it's actually ImgBurn displaying the incorrect .ISO icon and not Windows itself.  If the .ISO extension in Windows/File Explorer is displaying the correct icon, then it's definitely something in ImgBurn.  Although, it's probably something LUK can't do anything about.  There are a lot of "quirks" in file navigation in the programming language used to make ImgBurn.  Microsoft or whoever made the programming interface would have to fix those.

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