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What To Use? pgcedit, Folder2iso or IMGTOOL CLASSIC


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Not used ImgBurn yet - but stumbled upon this site whilst looking for best and easiest way to burn a DL DVD-R.


I understand lightening's nice app can only burn an iso (and I will in future rip DVDs as an iso). BUT for the time being I have my DVD9 film in VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders.


After looking through the posts on this forum I have seen no less than THREE different apps mentioned to convert my 'folders' into a suitable .iso


Which one of these three is recommended and is most likely to work with ImgBurn?


I have a pioneer 110D drive and Verbatim DL DVD-Rs


Oh and btw is ImgBurn likely to burn DVD folders in the future?







PS - Glad to see your still 'out n about' helping the world Lightning UK! :wub:

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folder 2 iso would not be suited to this task, as you wil only end up with a dvd rom iso that when burnt, would probably not play in your dvd player, unless your dvd player has a folder option and can play unauthored dvds, though technically they have been authored, but your dvd player would have to be able to play from folders as a couple of mine can. So your best bet would be to use either what cornholio7 or l8nights said

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PgcEdit uses the same engine (mkisofs) as ImgToolClassic - which IMHO has always been the best way to go.


PgcEdit enables you to leave 32k gaps between small titlesets, which can be a benefit if the IFO gets damaged.



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