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Hi, I just registered on this forum because this lack of feature has started to bug me. I've been using ImgBurn for a very long time now, and never had a use for this until recently.

I know you said you don't find it worth it, so this post is trying to hopefully persuade you to see that it does have merit, even today (actually I'd say it's more relevant today than a decade ago...).

Optical discs are mostly for archival these days. For that reason, I write to M-DISCs now. More specifically: triple layer BDXL M-DISCs. That is, 100GB per disc.

As you can imagine, filling up a 100GB disc is not a small feat for most types of content. Multisession would be a very good way to fully utilize these discs for backup. For example you could add 60 GB worth of content and then keep adding more to the same disc until it fills up over time, as you need to archive / backup more data. Say you write to it monthly. It makes perfect sense and IMO it's the perfect use of an optical disc these days.

Using smaller discs is a poor alternative in my opinion. Because they take up a lot of physical space so it's undesirable and are a pain to keep track of when they pile up, especially if you do monthly backup (or weekly!). Multisession is really the best way to go about this, and with M-DISC you know the backup medium is the best there can be.


Hopefully this persuaded you at least a little to consider adding multisession capability to ImgBurn. It can be really useful with large discs for incremental backup purposes.

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