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Possible issue with version


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After wrestling with a timestamp issue from an older version of some DVD burner software, I ended up compiling a copy of udfct from Philips


UDF Conformance Testing Application
(c) Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. 1999-2007
Application version : 1.5r6 distribution src
   UCT Core version : 1.5r6 distribution src
           platform : Windows - with scsi/atapi support
   '-drive' support : yes

and have now been using it to validate some of my newly burnt media.

For Imgburn - just installed today to make sure it is the latest version,  it reports one error, though I have no idea, how important or valid the  report is:



    Mounted Partitions:
-    p0: Physical, pNmb:    0, blocks:     304 thru 2287743, access: read-only
-              logical blocks:       0 thru 2287439
-    p1: Metadata, pNmb:    0, blocks:     320 thru     383, access: read-only
-              logical blocks:       0 thru      63

    Error: Logical address of Metadata File extent: 16,
-           expected: integer multiple of 32 (Partition Map Alignment Unit),
-           UDF, 2.2.10.
    Error: Logical address of Metadata Mirror File extent: 2287376,
-           expected: integer multiple of 32 (Partition Map Alignment Unit),
-           UDF, 2.2.10.
  ==>    Changed medium CL type from unknown finalization state to finalized
-            because of more than one AVDP found


This is as a result of burning a data disc from a directory tree just slightly smaller than the DVD space.

For now, I have not found anything that 'does not work' and will use the DVD, but thought it might be worth reporting the issue in any case.



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On 4/24/2020 at 5:30 AM, LIGHTNING UK! said:

An ECC block is 16 sectors on a DVD, not 32. For that reason, the error isn't important.

Which UDF version did you use on the disc?

Wish I could remember - I use any of these burners infrequently and have not developed enough knowledge from experience to chose specific options.

So, most likely it would be whatever defaults are set. And again, I wish, that that kind of information was retrievable from an existing DVD :-(

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