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Norton 360 Deluxe Plus and Penn State 2012 2 DVDs

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I have two issues with ImgBurn on my Dell Inspiron 7558 running Windows 10 version 20H2. Attached are the logs and neither disc is copy protected at all. I got them at the Fanatics online shop.

The other issue is that Norton 360 Deluxe Plus automatically deletes the installer file because it thinks ImgBurn is malware. The program should be updated to version 3.0 to stop this issue with Norton.

When I tried saving Disc 1 of 2 into my "Disc Images" subfolder in my OneDrive "Videos" folder, the file just kept getting bigger, until I stopped it at 14.3 GB, when the external Verbatim DVD drive I got on Staples.com would have automatically ejected and the file would have started syncing to my OneDrive at not even half that file size. The first of two discs I tried to put there are only one layer, one sided.


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