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Short PS script for creating blu-ray ISOs from multiple backups


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Just wanted to share a short simple PS script to accomplish something I was looking around and not finding examples for.  Was going to add to this thread in particular but there wasn't an option for me to reply so here's a new post on it.

My Situation -

I have around 300 Blu-ray discs that I have backed up on a NAS via makemkv in a full backup folder structure, i wanted to turn these all into ISOs but didn't want to sit and baby sit to do each individually.

There's a great batch file example here , but that didn't work for my situation.  This simple PS script pulls only directory names from a folder and writes ISOs based on those.  You can specify input and outputs anyway you'd like.  You can make this into a one liner if you like but for clarity's sake here's a structured form.



Change the source to where your backup folders are

Change the destination to where you want to put the ISOs

Uncomment the Remove-Item Line if you want to remove the backup after the ISO conversion is complete.


$source = "Z:\"
$destination = "Z:\"
$directories = Get-ChildItem $source -directory
$imgburn = "C:\Program Files (x86)\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe"

Foreach ($directory in $directories)
    Start-Process $imgburn -ArgumentList $arglist -Wait 
    #uncomment the following if you are feeling brave...Removes the backup after creating the ISO
    #Remove-Item $source$directory -Recurse




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