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Bootable Disc - Incorrect function


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I'm trying to make a copy of my Windows 10 USB installation drive using ImgBurn by making a bootable ISO file which I plan on writing to a new USB drive. There are options for making images bootable but for some reason it requires that I provide the boot image, and although there are options for extracting one from my current system this fails for some reason. I get this error:

DeviceIoControl(IOCTL_DISK_GET_PARTITION_INFO) Failed! Reason: Incorrect function.

Followed by:

Operation Failed!

I'm not too sure why this is.

Correct me if I'm doing this wrong, but the way I do it is I open ImgBurn in Build mode and then add the drive letter of the Windows 10 USB to Source and a file location on Desktop as my Destination. Then I go to Advanced tab, Bootable Disc and click on the blue floppy disk icon with my Windows C drive selected in the list (to extract image from).



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Yes, try getting an ISO with the Windows Media Creation Tool.  You can then burn that ISO to a disc with ImgBurn or write it to a flash drive with something like Rufus.  Unless you plan on adding files to the disc before burning/writing it.  Which you're best off getting some kind of ISO injector like UltraISO or just writing the ISO to flash drive and copying over the new files to that.

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Solved! I used this guide to get around the boot image file requirement:


Little did I know there was a nearly identical guide on the ImgBurn forum itself:


I just needed to supply the "etfsboot.com" file which was already on my USB drive. So I copied all files and folders from the USB drive to a new folder on the desktop (C drive) before adding that folder to ImgBurn as source, and then specifying the boot image file from within that folder.

I wanted to make a backup copy of the Windows 10 build that's already on my USB drive (it's the May 2020 update and still supported) before I format the drive, and I also wanted to see if it's possible to make it bootable (just for learning how it's done). I have not this sort of thing in years. Most guides I found on the web explain how to use existing Windows ISO files to create bootable CD/DVD/USB.

I wonder why the extraction function is not working? Is that for Windows XP only?

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