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imgburn wont burn os x image


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hi, im trying to burn a os x image with my xp laptop (xpsp3) but it doesnt work, my drive is fine, it works fine ive burned 98 on it, burned some songs on it, the disc is good, i left it out for other stuff but now since then it doesnt work with my external drive, i can show a ss of the log, 
the drive is a lenovo usb portable dvd burner
log will be down there, 
im trying to burn eye deneb also if that matters,
thanks for help n bye 


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Your log doesn't show anything useful.

Do not enable debug mode unless one of us asks you to do so please. It makes things harder unless we specifically need that extra info.

In what way is it not working... what actually happens?

If your drive is erroring out, try and post a log showing that info please.

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