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Adding dummy file over layer break (Blu-ray)


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Problem :
When writing dual-layer (and triple as well, I guess) Blu-rays the layer break is always at the edge of the disc. 

This isn't Imgburn's "fault", it's just the way BD are written I guess. But the edges have worse quality in general, and it's not uncommon to have a "spike" in reading layer break.

Solution? :
Adding a quite large "dummy file" before, during and after layer break helps putting important files further away from edge of disc.  If burning 35GB I'd rather have a 10+ GB dummy file at the edge. 

I do this manually when burning important Blu-ray discs by adding a large file. Imgburn seems to burn files alphabetically and by putting, say, large dummy-file 00004b.m2ts in the STREAM-folder I get the layer break in this file while all the movies/episodes have no issue. More than once I've later had read errors on the dummy file while all others have worked fine. (I have several burners, they do work well, but media quality these days...)

I'm thinking of writing a little script to automate this on folders before I burn, but I think it would be nice if burn programs included possibility of dummy file to enhance quality/readability of important files. 

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@mattkarma: Do you think you can create a script to automate this in a folder in order to avoid the layer break issues when using BD-R DL in general? For example, let's just say that I have a large HD video file and I would like to convert it in a BDMV folder without quality loss using tsMuxeR in order to burn it later using Imgburn.

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