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All discs display the wrong song titles in Toyota car.


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Hello , I am new to burn some Chinese discs for my new Lexus car bought from Japan.

At first. I use ImgBurn in  Windows 11 chinese version ,and everythings is OK . But when I played the CDs in car , all discs show wrong song titles.

Then I use ImgBurn in Windows 11 English version , when I open the CUE sheet with notepad , I found that CUE files show wrong characters like this:



TITLE "¼ÅįµÄÒ¹(µÚÒ»Ò¹)CD1"
FILE "Ëï¶-¼ÅįµÄÒ¹(µÚÒ»Ò¹)CD1.wav" WAVE
    TITLE "¹âÒõµÄ¹ÊÊÂ"
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

REM COMMENT ExactAudioCopy v0.99pb4
TITLE "Best Selection II"
FILE "ÖÐu¤ß¤æ¤­ - Best Selection II.wav" WAVE
    TITLE "•r´ú"
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    TITLE "¥È©`¥­¥ç©`ÃÔ×Ó"
    INDEX 00 04:15:37
    INDEX 01 04:18:27


Now ,I know this problem is because of CUE file used a wrong character encoding schemes.When we use the Notepad in Windows 11 chinese version ,ANSI automatically decoded to GB2312. But in a Windows 11 english version , the ANSI encoding does not display chinese or japanese.

I consulted Lexus customer service and they said that the CAR's CD player can only support ANSI decoding mode , excludes Chinese GB2312 or even Japanese shift-jts.(The Lexus brand is mainly sold to North America)

At the beginning I open a CUE file made by ImgBurn Chinese version in ImgBurn English version, shows "File doesn't Exsist" "File name Ëï¶-¼ÅįµÄÒ¹(µÚÒ»Ò¹CD1.wav".

Then when I create a new CUE file in the English version of ImgBurn and select "Save as Type: CUE File - Unicode", although the new CUE file shows the correct characters in Notepad, however there still display wrong characters when I click "view image information" like the attach picture 1.

And When I used the UTF-8 format to save CUE files in Windows 11 chinese version, the burned CD was also read as "???????" like the attach picture 2.

I hope there is a good way to solve this problem, thank you very much!





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9 hours ago, LIGHTNING UK! said:

Is there no option of playing something from a usb device? Maybe you'd have more luck with MP3 files and ID3 tags.

You can often play via bluetooth from your phone.

My gut feeling is that this problem is very strange, because when I make a mp3/aac/wma disc, all ID3 tags display correct. And other USB flash drive with mp3/wav/flac files also display correct. 

Of course, I can use my phone to play songs via Apple Carplay or Bluetooth connection, And the Lexus have done a lot of local design, it can even support Baidu Carlife & Huawei Hicar,And a lots of other designs that comply with Chinese road safety standards.

I'm confused why this issue is only on audio CDs.


Just now, I found that the problem in the first picture attached above is that the use of UTF-8 caused an error, in Windows 11, it needs to be modified to UTF-16LE.


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I tried it again just now, use a UTF-16LE CUE file write in another disc. the ImgBurn work fine like the picture left , but when I cheak the disc , still display wrong charaters. Where did I set it wrong?




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You are right. but I still want to see if there are other possibilities.

I tested it again. I burned the CD directly in the chinese environment. ImgBurn showed that reading the song label was normal, but it was garbled in foobar2000. I see the same error charaters in the car. Basically, it can be judged that it is the same problem. The good news is that I don't have to go back to the garage to test, as long as the recorded CD can be displayed normally in foobar2000.


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I finally found a way to solve this problem. I just found Sony's description of CDT files and found that CDT files support MS-JIS Japanese characters.Because Japanese characters originated in Chinese ,MS-JIS Contains the vast majority of Chinese characters.


Orz ,This is a very old software. It can only be opened with Windows 95. Well, I can only give up.

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