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Cannot use /SRC with multiple files/folder (using "|")


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I am trying to use cmd from windows 10 to burn an iso image. My command is as follows:

PS C:\Users\user> cmd /c "C:\Users\user\Desktop\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE BUILD /SRC "C:\Users\user\Desktop\NI_33750_ZIP\DVD1\Relatorio\|C:\Users\user\Desktop\NI_33750_ZIP\DVD1\Relatorio\hashes.txt" /DEST "C:\Users\user\Desktop\NI_33750_ZIP\DVD1\imagemteste.iso" /FILESYSTEM "UDF" /UDFREVISION "2.60" /VOLUMELABEL_UDF "DVD1_teste_img_burn" /OVERWRITE YES /RECURSESUBDIRECTORIES YES /NOSAVELOG /NOSAVESETTINGS /START /NOIMAGEDETAILS /CLOSE

I get this in response:
'C:\Users\user\Desktop\NI_33750_ZIP\DVD1\Relatorio\hashes.txt' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

What am i not seeing?

tks in advance

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Yeap, definitely workind direct with command prompt. Actually i am running imgburn.exe from a python script, using subprocess.run() but it gets same error as powershell. Doy you know any working around? If no, i think ill keep using srclist, its working that way (but just need two sources, one file and one folder, creating a srclist txt seens overkill)

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I'm sure you could work around the issue by using the right sequence of quotes (double / escaped quotes etc).

The processor needs to deal with call to ImgBurn.exe and the arguments you're passing to it as a whole, not try and interpret the arguments you're passing to ImgBurn.exe itself. It needs to see the entire command as a single string - unless you're using a function that specifically wants an arguments parameter, whereby it's then 2 strings - 1 to call ImgBurn and another to for the parameters you're passing to ImgBurn.

Does passing /s to cmd make a difference?


cmd /c /s "C:\Users\user\Desktop\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE BUILD /SRC "C:\Users\user\Desktop\NI_33750_ZIP\DVD1\Relatorio\|C:\Users\user\Desktop\NI_33750_ZIP\DVD1\Relatorio\hashes.txt" /DEST "C:\Users\user\Desktop\NI_33750_ZIP\DVD1\imagemteste.iso" /FILESYSTEM "UDF" /UDFREVISION "2.60" /VOLUMELABEL_UDF "DVD1_teste_img_burn" /OVERWRITE YES /RECURSESUBDIRECTORIES YES /NOSAVELOG /NOSAVESETTINGS /START /NOIMAGEDETAILS /CLOSE

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