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PTP Burning


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A function that I would like to see implemented is the ability to switch Dual Layer burning direction. Currently it seems that only OTP (Opposite Track Path) is supported and it would great to see PTP (Parallel Track Path) as an option. I sometimes author DL discs that have L1 slightly larger than L0 and can't burn them with the correct LB.


Thanks for the great software. I just switched from DVD Decrypter (one of my favorites) to ImgBurn. I'm glad that you've decided to continue a great product. I've had better playback compatibility from Decrypter than any other burning software.



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Thanks blutach,

I wasn't aware that that the media was OTP specific. I just checked the packaging (Verbatim DVD+R DL) and couldn't find anything that mentioned track path or anything similar. Just out of my own curiosity, does anyone happen to know what makes the media OTP only? I always assumed (yeah, I know, don't assume) that there was no difference in the physical structure of the disc between the two options, and it was only the way the data was written on the disc. Any info is greatly appreciated!



Reply to self:

Nevermind, I managed to figure this out. It all makes perfect sense now...

The media needs to be different for OTP-PTP because the disc only spins in one direction. Therefore the Layer 1 the track path needs to spiral in opposite directions depending on which direction the laser reads. Leave it to physics to make me look silly....AGAIN!


Thanks again, keep up the good work.

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