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Some help with Windows


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--->>Got that damned 403 error when I used ellipses. Why does that happen???


Post may be a little strange, but I was having trouble posting new threads at all--and then I remembered the problem with ellipses.



Come across a couple of things I don't understand.


I've installed IE 7 and, so far, I'm pretty impressed. It's a little slow loading pages vs. FireFox but I think that has to do with this new "Phishing Filter" (I'm not sure of the efficacy of this, whether it should be turned off. Any opinions on this?) It seems to me that once a page has passed muster by the filter during the "session" (in my youth the word session was usually preceeded by a word that startd with "b" and ended with "g" julli-rog.gif)


I went to copy the URL of an "emoticon" (a rather fancy word for smiley faces) from julli.dk ("Darkurbia" now--does that mean anything?)


And I got this pop up:




Needless to say, I was surprised. I had no idea that by copying an URL from a webpage you were allowing a web page access to your clipboard? Is Microsoft just going overboard here--trying to make up for their "Internet Security? We don't need no stinking Internet Security!!!" attitude?


I'm not a programmer so I am not seeing how copying some text to one's clipboard allows a site access to the inner workings of XP? ZoneAlarm says nothing about an intrusion. So, as Ricky Ricardo used to say: "Lucy, I'm confuuse."



The second has to do with this "size" of a file and "size on disc".


I've seen it before, with compressed files, but I've got a new computer on the way, should be here mid-next week, hopefully earlier. So I'm copying tons of files to an ext USB hdd in preparation.


Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Two property sheets. It seems common sense that a file is either one size or the other. Yet, the property sheets report a difference. What, uh, gives? julli-dunno.gif



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are both discs formatted the same ?, ie, NTSF or FAT32 ? or do you have 1 of each




Internal HDDs = NTFS


External HDD (Iomega Silver External USB 320GB ) = FAT32


(I decided to keep it FAT32, and will sense, once my new bad-ass machine gets here the ext hdd will be for system back ups using Acronis TI 9; as well as storage of other important docs like tax files, etc; I want to be able to access it, in case of disaster, just using a 9x boot CD. Now that I read, does it make sense to do it this way? Minter only uses FAT32 because, obviously, NTFS can only be read by Windows, and, depending on the version, only by NT4, NT 5 (aka 2000), NT6 (aka XP) and, presumable NT7 (aka Vista) will have it's own version of NTFS, backwards but not forward compatible, correcto? or no correcto?)

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