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Email Gossip is true--for once:


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And this one is straight from the Snopes' mouth.


A one-time, this Tax Year only (i.e. 2006) Tax Credit for US Taxpayers for an excise tax illegally collected by the IRS. Full story here






(For some reason I can't copy/past the text in either IE7 or FF2, so I had to get creative.)


You claim up to a $60 tax credit. Granted, it ain't a fortune. But it's better than a kick in the head.


The $1000 a kid tax credit (that has made tax season much more pleasant for we parents) goes away in 2008, if memory serves and given the election results this year, it will not be renewed.


So starting in Tax Year 2008, your taxes will go up by $1000 per kid since the now majority party has refused to even consider making the credit permanent. (I'm not being political here: this is just a fact. The marriage penalty will also come back, raising the taxes of married couples as well, sometime before 2010; again the new majority has refused any consideration of making it permanent.)


So grab every Tax Credit you can get your hands on.

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