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Dragging and dropping folder wants to add contents from a different folder


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I've got 2 different folders I wanted to add to a project.  One in a folder called 2 and one in a folder called 3.  2 and 3 have the same folder structure except one subfolder is labeled Disc 1 Of 2 in 2 and the other is labeled Disc 2 Of 2 in 3.  I dragged and dropped the subfolder in 2 to the project, but dragging and dropping the same folder in 3 wants to replace the contents already existing in 2.  Wants to overwrite the contents of Disc 1 Of 2, which there is NO Disc 1 Of 2 in 3, only in 2.


I triple checked.  The contents in 3 are NOT entirely the same as in 2.  There is the Disc 2 of 2 folder in 3 and there is NO Disc 1 Of 2 in 3.  I triple checked to make sure I was dragging the folder from 3 and not 2.  I was.


I repeated this several times and got the same result.  I closed ImgBurn, reopened, and repeated.  Same results.



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