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Speaking of DVD-RAM...


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I just bought a Samsung SH-S183L burner that burns DVD-RAMs @12x.


DVD-RAM writing wasn't my primary reason for buying it (SATA was more important).


I have a couple of questions.


Can the usual burning progs (Nero, CopytoDVD, etc) burn to these?


In a related question, this drive, to my surprise, also supports Mt. Rainier which is, someone correct me if I'm wrong, a "packet-burning" function like InCD. Does one need special software to take advantage of this function?




I see that the maximum speed is 12x.


What is the "x" stand for with DVD-RAMs?


CD= 150KB/s (176KB/sec for CDDA); 1350KB/s for DVDs.


I like the idea that they can be reburned 10,000 times. Unfortunately, I don't have a set-top that plays them, but I've read, in more than one place, that DVD-RAM was never intended for video but data (but, then again, what's video but a type of data?).


BUT, I have this bad-ass new 22in 16x9 monitor that I can comfortably watch DVDs or TV on (as I write this, FoxNews is playing in the upper right hand corner).


Still, I will probably mostly be using them for data. Fortunately, Panasonics are carried by Wal-Mart (even the 9.4Gigers).





One odd thing is that this drive is somewhat slow on the DVD side. Reading is rather slower than my Plextor 760A. And various progs like DIP and VSO Inspector show that it will only burn DVDs at 2.4x.


(On the other hand, my IDE drive, the Plex 760A, is supposed to have a max DL burning speed of 10x and ImgBurn and every other prog, reports a 6x. So I'm wondering if it's something to do with a component for my new Gateway--still less than a month old? OTH, the Pioneer 110D was supposed to burn DLs @8x but it always averaged at 6x.)


So I may return this Samsung and buy the Plextor 755SA (which also burns DVD-RAMs @12x). It's great to have a Plextor again!

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Looks like my bad typing strikes again!


What I want to know is, what does is the increment that "x" stands for when talking about burning DVD-RAM discs?


E.g.: CDR x=150KBs; CDDA x= 176KB/s; DVDR x= 1150; DVD-Video x= 1350KBs (tho' I admit I need to look up the number for DVDR's speed as opposed to video; like audio, it's also faster than "regular" data, tho' I don't know why).



the X in 12x is the same it means times as in 12 times speed ,good luck trying to find 10x-12x discs I had a look after reading one of LUK's posts and found plenty of 3X-5X couldn't find anything faster
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