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For anyone with UK paypal account get upto 20% cash back via your paypal account.


Just thought i would pass this on..


sign up https://www.rewardsonline.co.uk/index.jsf?currentTab=home


you must use your paypal account email address and enter your street address etc.


They have quite a good selection of online retailers to choose from, Woolworth's, Misco, dabs, pcworld,comet, Curry's lots more reputable companies.


Anytime your wanting to purchase something from these companies, log into your rewardsonline account and follow links to the company of your choice etc.


One thing i will also add, if eg you decided to purchase something from say misco, then log into rewardsonline etc, but also just before you decide to buy, open a new window and load up misco site again and check to see if it is same price etc (in case it is cheaper to buy on your own and not thru rewardsonline) this is something i will be doing to make sure i get best price (in case rewards have inflated price etc to cover the % they give you back etc)

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Working part-time for Pay-Pal now...eh donta???



not a fking Chance I hate paypal, bunch of money grabbing robotic whores with maccy d wannabee staff.


just in case there are genuine savings to be had using the rewards system, looked OK when i signed up for it, yet to purchase something from one of the participating online companies to say 100% if its worth doing

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