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  1. Happy Birthday Spinner
  2. zacoz

    Imgburn Sigs

    And you know this because......
  3. Well, replaced the drive with a new LiteOn LH-18A1P and low and behold, the problem remained - so I guess my son has finally got himself a DVD burner for his PC. Good news is I finally got everything working again fine after removing all burning software (Alcohol 120%, Nero, and ImgBurn), uninstalling all optical drives, rebooting and installing only ImgBurn. All I can guess is that something got screwed in O/S during a recent crash and uninstalling Alcohol or Nero has reset it (I'd already uninstalled and reinstalled ImgBurn as it was the only burning app that had been used or changed recently - upgrading to I proved to myself that the O/S wasnt hiccuping at ImgBurn though by installing, making a successful burn on DVD+RW, then installing and successfully burning another DVD+RW. There should be an upside to this - my wife's LiteOn scans DL discs immensely better than the old Pioneer so I have high hopes for this one.
  4. I get a "This disc is not empty" message box with OK being the only button to click. On clicking this ImgBurn greys out the write button and the current profile shows as DVD-ROM in the device tab (where is previously showed as a DVD+RW). Doesn't matter whether I try build mode or iso write mode - same result. The log doesn't appear to show anything useful Late night shopping tonight, so might go pick up a replacement and get it over and done with.
  5. While I think I know the answer will be ("relocate the drive to the round recepticle on the floor next to corner of your desk") I'll ask just in case. My Pioneer 108D has started playing funny buggers with DVD+RW discs. It won't let me burn to the discs because it thinks they aren't empty. If I format them it thinks it's worked, but then won't burn to them because it still thinks they aren't empty. If I format them on another burner (LiteOn on another PC), the Pioneer still reports it as containing data. It seems to be stuck on reporting the same session information regardless of which DVD+RW disc I put in. e.g. A Blank & Formatted Disc - I'm almost certain never otherwise burnt to: In Pioneer In LiteOn Other DVD+RW discs that I've formatted, burnt to successfully, and re-formatted on the LiteOn report as containing data as above on the Pioneer (only the DISC ID is different). I've tried reflashing with various versions of genuine pioneer, piodata and gradius hacked firmware all with the same result. There seems to be no problems with DVD+R's currently and DVD+R DL's worked fine last week (none on hand atm). Drive itself is reporting as follows (DVD-ROM is virtual drive): I tried uninstalling drive through Device Manager and having XP reinstall it during reboot - without any change to problem. Filter driver check contained some additional lower class filters which I removed (nice addition to program btw LUK) - for the life of me I can't remember what they were now though. Is there anything else (Registry entries ?) that I could try deleting etc before I bin the drive ?
  6. I thought you said it was your Birthday gif and blu pinched it ?
  7. zacoz

    ImgBurn API

    One wonders how many ImgBurn GUI's would suddenly be for sale on the net with that sort of functionality implemented. PS. This isn't a judgement on glut's intentions.
  8. You could use the build mode of ImgBurn to create an ISO containing files that you know are good (check out the build mode guide and select Image File as the output mode).
  9. I'm glad it works for me, that would be akin to chopping my arm off ?
  10. You might want to remove your controller and let windows reinstall it as mentioned by LUK here to ensure DMA is set right - sometimes Windows XP reports it wrong (or is that reports it right - when it's wrong).
  11. zacoz


    Yeah, hope you had a good one DB. :happybday: :happybday:
  12. zacoz


    Sorry Dave...no video . It was made from a series of stills that I came across on one of the humour sites - just google "argentinian cheerleaders" and you'll get a number of links to them. Some are better quality than others due to being edited jpg of edited jpg of edited jpg ..... I just love how numerous of those sites embed their site name in the graphics that have obviously been ripped off other sites
  13. While VCR's are still sold at pretty much all local electronics stores here, very few stores actually carry pre-recorded VCR tapes. I imagine they're really only used for temporary TV recording for those who can't afford / justify the purchase of a DVD / Hard Drive Recorder. Having never been one to buy big expensive TV's (rather spend the money elsewhere), there's no real benefit to me of HD-DVD / Blue-Ray. Probably only get one if prices are comparable when my existing PC writer / Standalone player dies. Can't see too many titles being released exclusively on the new formats for quite a long time to come.
  14. Isn't that what reality shows are designed to do ? How many people really would hold up to the rest of the world a reality show as a proud example of their country and people ? Seems like a bit of an over-reaction on both sides. But what would I know - I come from a country where you can't become a citizen unless you can speak English. So I guess that makes all Australians racist
  15. To state it a different way, ImgBurn reads data from HD into it's buffer, from where it's passed along to the the drive buffer, where it's then burnt to the disc - all done on a FIFO (first in first out) basis. Hard Drive --> ImgBurn Buffer --> Device Buffer --> Disc Or think of it as a series of buckets that are filled from the top but drain out at the bottom into the next bucket. So as the device buffer empties into the Disc, the ImgBurn Buffer tops up the Device Buffer again. It's not the overflow from the device buffer that goes to the Disc. | | | | (Hard Drive) --------| |-- | | | | | | (ImgBurn Buffer) | | | | ---------| |------ | | | | | | (Device Buffer) --------| |-- | | DISC Hopefully this doesn't make it more confusing
  16. Cheers Bill and don't worry, white whiskers are a sign of intellect and experience - that's how I rationalise having some already anyway.
  17. You should however burn at a speed which is supported by your drive/media combination. I can understand your thinking, and if your drive supported 2.4x and 4x then I'd say sure, burn at the lower supported speed.
  18. Shouldn't you be choosing 2.4x as the write speed also ?? Edit: can't spell
  19. Guess I'll have to be - seeing as no one else has posted anything. Shameless
  20. So what version does it say when you click on Help --> About? Maybe one of the mirrors was playing up and accidentally linked an old version at the time you downloaded it.
  21. zacoz

    Happy Birthday!

    Thanks guys ... nice relaxing day, watch a bit of cricket, throw back some coldies and unwrap the prezzies. We didn't all come over on the first fleet LFC Actually Blu's probably not that old, Firey wouldn't have given him a second look otherwise would she
  22. Still be good if you post a log jock, as kev said it's likely media related but there could be other issues that we'd see from the log - thus saving you more bad burns.
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