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help with user specified layer break


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Here's the skinny.

I had a dual sided dvd, and created an iso for each.

Then I had the bright idea of merging them to create one iso and burning to dl.

previous post on merging 2 iso files

The suggestion there was to pay $50 for DVDRemake. I tried the free version (that only exports the first 15 seconds of each chapter? Cell? whatever), but couldn't really tell if it would work on the whole film. Not taking the chance for that much money.


So... I got VOBEdit and IFOEdit.

Followed these instructions Digital Video Forums - Joining VOBs and then started over with these instructions Joining Double Sided dvds.


Long story short, I now have a big ISO file, produced by Shrink from all these vob files, and imgburn tells me there is no layer break. So, I guess I have to add it manually.


I've just spent the last few hours trying to figure out how to do it, and, well, I need help. Detailed help.

I still have the Shrink produced ISO, and I also kept all the VOB files created using the processes above just in case I need to open them again in IFOEdit to do something.


I read this thread where Ligntning UK! says:


L0 meaning Layer 0.


i.e. if Layer 1 starts at LBA 10, Sectors in L0 = 10


0, 1, 2.... 9 = 10 sectors


but I don't understand.


Can someone please help? If it involves ifoedit, can you please provide details, ie exactly what I am to look for when I hope the ifo file (and which of the 2 ifo files I am to open), etc.


Much appreciated.

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G'day Peppy


Open your project in PgcEdit and then click burn - it will make the LB for you and parse all the info to IB to burn.


BTW: DVDRMP is a phenomenal product that is wrth every dime and can join 2 DVDs in a single click perfectly. No risk.



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