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navman pin 570 (gps/pocket pc 2003)


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Anyone know of a program that enables PDA type devices to display screen in landscape mode instead of portrait.


I know it can be done as the who wants to be a millionaire game i have flips screen.


This is usually done in hardware on these types of devices, some have a dedicated button to swap screen, but there is no way in hardware to do this with pin 570.


looking for a small utility to do this, maybe someone on here knows of such a program and would be kind enough to let me know, thanks

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found this





Summary:Change PDA portrait or landscape screen orientation


Description:dotPocket is a powerful utility that allows you to enhance the visual capabilities of your Pocket PC and to easily integrate your handheld with desktop systems. DotPocket PC includes advanced video driver to go along with easy-to-use interface. Easily switch video modes, choose portrait or landscape screen orientation for your device, set predefined or custom screen resolutions and more. Pocket PC application includes an advanced video driver for resolutions up to 2000x2000, zooming and panning options, and one button zoom control.

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LOL Thanks, what makes it worse is it's on a dvd I have with loads of pocket pc apps/ w mobile5 etc....


Thanks a lot


is it a dvd you cant find ,I have a few programs I cant find but I know they're around and looking for them made me realize that I have a serious pile of DVD's that need to be in cases :lol:

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