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Hi Guys,



Pretty new to DVD making.


Basically i made a Movie using Pinnacle for one disc and Movie maker (vista) for the other. I tried burning in programmes on +R but the discs didn't play in some players?



I used Imgburn tonight and it's done the job great and the discs work on all players, i hav changed to -R too. Now i need to copy the 2 DVD i have burnt through ImgBurn...I understand i can't do this here? any good programmes? will it change the format so i can't play on all players again which i found with other burning programmes?



Hope this makes sense




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Adam, since we're talking home movies without encryption, just open Img, go to mode>ISO

read and this will put the image back on your HD. Then in mode change to ISO write which will burn it to another -R blank disc. Nothing will be changed and it will play in all your players. :thumbup:

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