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I'm really sorry about the title but I've read many many suggestions here where almost all of it are just rejected which scares me to suggest anything at all...


Anyway, here are them:

- A page linked from 'front page' telling what'll be planned to be implemented within upcoming versions. Including major 'not to be implemented' requests, just helps LUK by reducing number of these feature requests...

- Even I've read your file "priority / order / queue" rejection topic I must add that's something needed for regular uses too. Like many other I've been keeping my films not in DVD-Video format but Video files in PC format. Ensuring the position of these files at faster tracks not only helps DVDROM but also noise levels. I also am against overburning & usually fill up to 4.2gb. But outer tracks are much more susceptible to fingerprints, scratches etc... even if you care for it. So ability of placing critical data is an unignorable good feature. (btw many of us simply can't afford Plextor + scratch-proof Verbatim + Imation Stakka kind of suggestions of other topics)

- As a cosmetic makeup:

All 'modes' can be tabbed where curvy arrow shows or some kind of toolbar for a lot easier access.

(rightmost arrow shows how they can look, not suggesting to replace others)



As I've read, I'm also aware not to steal LUK's time for implementing not really needed or otherway solveable problems described in many requests here. I suggest priorities because within a lifetime of burner it'll be needed sooner or later. Also I don't think it's to diffucult to implement since you're already sorting files (LBA placement). I believe, adding two other options, high & low, to build->files->right-click and placing the files taking these into consideration, just solves it. (btw one might suggest to solve priority by 'iso builders' but 3rd party apps for simple things like these makes the burning process more complicated then it's supposed to be.)


As I'm writing I've already guessed the outcome from this thread but I wrote it anyway not just to share my opinion on this great freeware but also pay my regards to LUK for such dedication, effort and uncommercial approach... ImgBurn is already a great application of its owner. Suggestions are merely to improve it to be better but not to be a bloatware...


Thank you LUK... :thumbup:

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