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A "Cancel" button for initializing a program mode


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Hrrm... how to say this. =P


So sometimes I open ImgBurn and it automagically picks 1) the last burner selected, and 2) the last mode I was in. If there's no disc in the drive, that's all cool, because it just scans the drives, finds no disc in the selected drive, and lets me pick a new mode or drive. But if there IS something in the drive, and say, the disc is scratched, or the drive (which I may or may not have intended to be selected) is having trouble reading the disc, I'm sitting there with an uncontrollable program that's just doing its own thing! (Wow that was a long sentence.) So I have to eject the disc if it's jammed... and what do I get? A flood of errors reaming me out for having ejected the disc! Gaah! Finally if I ever get back to the main screen through the endless flood of "major error" messages, I get to select a new burner or a new mode. Yay!


How about a way to abort the initialization process, leaving the program "not ready" but able to select a new mode or burner? Or maybe leaving the burner selector and "mode" menus un-greyed-out and aborting the process when it changes?


That would really, really help some of my hair... it wants to NOT be pulled out! :thumbup:

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