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Rush -- New Album, New Tour


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Last time I tried to put this up, before the, ah, hiatus, Firefox crapped out so I was never sure if the info got posted or not. So if this is a dupe, sorry...


New album, Snakes & Arrows is due out 1 MAY (in the US; not sure about the UK, et al).


Tour starts 13 JUNE in Atlanta...and ends in Helsinki on 29 OCT.


In addition to a CD, there will also be a "DVD Album"-- which does not appear to be DVD-Audio (as most of us know this is a totally different format than DVD-Video & requires a special player and basically is as dead as Beta or SACD--BestBuy, for one, has quit carrying both formats...). It's said to include 5.1 mixes of the songs as well as other goodies.


You can find tour information at www.rush.com.


They've released a single from the album, "Far Cry"--you can get it at the iTunes Store (and probably elsewhere). Reminds me a lot of "YYZ"--the classic instrumental--esp at the beginning.


They are playing Europe, five dates in England as well as the Continent and Scandinavia.


At least in the US/Canada, if you join the "Rush Community" you're eligible for the ticket pre-sales. (Don't know if this works for the overseas venues). Info at the website, click on "Tour" after skipping the Intro...


:thumbup:Glad the forum's back up! :thumbup:

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