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pesky lower filter


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Upper Device Filter: redbook

Upper Class Filter: [None Found]

Device: CD/DVD-ROM Device

Lower Class Filter: MxlW2k

Lower Device Filter: imapi


Filter Name: MxlW2k

File Name: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Drivers\MxlW2k.sys

File Version:

File Description: MusicMatch Access Layer KMD

Product Name: MusicMatch Access Layer

Product Version:

Company Name: MusicMatch, Inc.

Copyright: Copyright ? 2000 MusicMatch, Inc.


I remove it since I don't allow musicmatch to burn anything, never have but then after playing an mp3 the filter is back?

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did you re boot after you removed it?


I have removed it 3 times so far over a period of a month or so, thought I was going crazy at first, but

did a test last night, remove it, reboot, it's gone, then play an mp3 and it's back.

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