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umm question about DVD +R DL...


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i just got some Verbatim DVD +R DL's and was wondering on the box it says "for use only in DVD+R DL Hardware" well what about DVD-Rom drives? will they be able to read them? like its common sense it wont work on a CD drive but will it work on DVD-Rom\CD drives? because most Movie DVD's are DL and work fine in DVD-Rom drives so should a DVD+R DL apply as well. or will the drive have to have the logo on the drive stating its ability to read DL discs? or would i have to change book settings before burning? If so can someone explain how to do this? any ideas thx in advance!

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just change the booktype to rom before burning as long as your burner supports bitsetting

ok is this right then

1)run imgburn

2)click little bookicon

3)go to Lite-On tab

4)in the "change for" drop down box change it for either next write or a specific type like DVD +R DL in my case (so it burns to DVD-ROM with only certain DVD's? types)

5)in the "new settings" drop down box change it to DVD-ROM?

6)click change and done?

7)then continue to burn Dual Layer ISO and when finished it will then reset book type since i set it to next write?

if so then DAMN i should have done this before then! thx dude i never knew. Also Imgburn WOW all these settings i learn a new one every day! lol Best Image Burning application! Ever!!!

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personally i dont use next write , i set dual layer +r media to always be rom


always verify your burns and the log will confirm the booktype under verification


I 17:55:28 Source Media Type: DVD+R DL (Book Type: DVD-ROM) (Disc ID: MKM-001-00) (Speeds: 2,4x; 4x; 6x; 8x)

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