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Anyone on here watch Top Gear and Have a knowledge of maybe classical music.



The episode in question is where they took 3 super cars to France Think it was Zonda/ford gt/maybe mclaren SLR and Visited the Millau bridge.


At the point they reach their destination camera pans to give amazing view of this bridge and a very haunting piece of music starts to play.


Does anyone know the Title/Composer of this piece of music.


I am assuming it was a classical piece of music, I have a couple of leads to follow up in case it's modern music with a classical bridge or hook.

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The reason I asked is One of the ps3 games that you can download from their shop A game called Flow has a very similar sounding piece of music.


It spurred me to try and find out which piece of music they used in top gear.




Thanks to everyone who responded.

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