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A Quick "Padded" Question about MD5 chechsums


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Sometimes when I burn a +R DL (I do not recall seeing it with SLs) and IB completes the verification process, I see the following in the log:


I 16:10:16 Device MD5: bf241753752fd6df44236a549b91e11b

I 16:10:16 Device (Padded) MD5: fc48ffe5bca43646829d147bae719163

I 16:10:16 Image MD5: bf241753752fd6df44236a549b91e11b



Can someone give me a quick explanation of what a padded MD5 checksum is? And why IB creates one? I'd appreciate it. Thx.


>Not to worry, this is from a DVD created (and owned) by my wife's company for marketing purposes. I sometimes make copies for them for distribution to their clients & employees.<

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