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Which PLAYERS are most compatible with burned DVDs?

Dave Henrie

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I first want to again thank the folks who tried to help with my dieing Sony burner. It was given a proper funeral and now a new drive it working with all the various media I couldn't get the old drive to use.

But I have noticed a problem upstairs where my big TV and two dvd players are. My genreal use player has lots of problems displaying any burned disc. It will play fine for 10 or 20 minutes but then I start getting digital blocks over parts of the screen and the frame rate slowly drops til there is almost no movement.

But then I take the same disc in my older floor model sample player that also has a burner option which I use to copy some tv shows off of a DVR.(Dish NEtwork's version of Tivo) The burner/player is more cumbersome to use but it plays the disc brillantly. So my question is...


Are burner/player decks more compatible with burnt DVDs or is it just my dedicated player drive is not healthy either?



dave henrie

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before you invest in new equipment try verbatim and taiyo yuden discs on all your players.

typically cheaper discs cause the pixellating you describe , and its cheaper to get good discs than new players

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to add to Cornholio's advice above:


Any player will work , its about what media you use more than anything else. verbatim and taiyo yuden are considered to be the best discs for compatability amongst players .


Pixellation on playback is usually down to the player struggling to read the disc quick enough, which is where poorer quality media shows itself up. Its not always the media though, it could be a signal issue with digital TV recordings. the only way to confirm this is to actually watch a lot of the programs live to see if its your digi box or aerial.


in the event it IS your player though, the cheapest ones are usually the better ones to buy as they play most TV formats,a s well as MP3,DivX,Xvid ect ect. , and often region free as well

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