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Plug for IB on supermediastore.com


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A plug from a supermediastore.com customer's Verbatim review...thought Lightning might like to know.



"I've backed up 98 [discs] with these Verbatim 95310s, burned at 4X with a LG drive, and only had 1 coaster. Suggest you avoid Nero software with DL discs which has compatibility problems with standalone DVD players. Imgburn is best." (emphasis mine)


--Johnny Bob

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Like the handle. B)


(Especially since so few people actually know what the word means--in all its iterations. Nor do most realize that the most imperialistic of all peoples are the Russians. I guess I should say were, hehehe. We put an end to that shit.)


I've been buying from them for a couple of years now. Never had any problem (KOW). The products have always been as advertised. If they have an item marked as free shipping, it's always been free shipping.


In fact, when they had a problem with my credit card number, they called me to confirm it (apparently I'd transposed two of the numbers).


It's strange how different people can have such totally different experiences with the same company. :unsure:


What've been your experiences?


>>>While I wouldn't skin my own mother for any amount of gelt, I'd gladly flay my ex-mother-in-law (and ex-wife for that matter) and turn them into a throw rug and throw pillow (Ilse Koch style...just kidding, about Ilse Koch anyway...) :pirate: <<<


supermediastore would skin their own mothers alive to make a buck. Its nice to see a smattering of truth there... but that's a rarity... don't expect to see any more truth on their site
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