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New Bionic Woman series


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I haven't seen anything in the press about Sackhoff leaving BSG. Dear God--let's hope not. She's one of the Big Four on the show, the others being: Olmos, McDonald and Callis.


Shooting for Season 4 of BSG begins next month--but won't air until January. :angry:


This Michelle Ryan doesn't appear to have done anything that would be familiar to US audiences excepting an episode of the Agatha Christie based Poirot (my Old Man love's the show.) IMDb Page


And, my God, the Bionic Woman!? :huh: Some of you, probably a lot of you, are too young to remember the Lindsey Wagner incarnation (I wonder if she'll get a cameo?).


Let's put it this way: it wasn't good. But, then again, neither was The Six Million Dollar Man. Tho' I do cop to having had the Steve Austin doll with the "Bionic Eye".


(If only I had gotten the Oscar Goodman doll. That's the one worth the bucks.)


The remake/reboot of the Bionic Woman starts in the autumn (fall) on NBC, starring Michelle Ryan (Zoe from the BBC's Eastenders) as the Bionic woman, Jamie Sommers, and Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck from BSG) as her arch nemesis.


Here's a clip from the pilot episode:



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I have no idea of the reliability of this website, but it says that BSG's days are numbered:





There are links to interviews with Sackhoff, Olmos and a producer. haven't had a chance to watch them yet.


Goddamn Sci-Fi channel.


"The show is great. The ratings are great. Let's cancel it!!"


Like HBO with Rome & Deadwood. The suits can stand having top drawer shows on TV.


If BSG goes after Season 4, that'll mean no syndication (you need a 100 episodes minimum).


And the only decent show left--decent but not great--will be Showtime's The Tudors.


This makes me ill.

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Good clip - she took it well. As you probably know the rumors were that BSG was going to end after 4 seasons and that why it got the extra episodes to finish it off properly. For me the trial of Baltar was too much - in real life he would have been chopped, and not only that , it was boring.


I remember the Bionic Woman, just didn't watch it - a chick show IFIRC. The $6 Million Dollar Man was cool at first, but soon turned silly with the film speded up when he was running and his giant leaps with the matalic noise - remember that?

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