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Denon DVD 3800 freezes with burned DVD 's


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HEllo folks,


My Dvd player don't accept burned DVD so quit well.

The player freezes a lot.

Now somebody told me to burn in mode 1, and us Imgburn as burnprogramm.

Mode 1 ? what is mode 1, i don't see that setting in imgburn programm.




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DVDs can only be burnt in Mode 1, regardless of the program used to burn them :)

Please read the Guides forum if you have doubts on how to use ImgBurn.

Also, try a slow burning speed (4x and 8x are good) and if you still have problems, please post ImgBurn's log (you can find it in Help/ImgBurn logs).

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Those Denons were quite picky on which media they liked. Taiyo Yuden 8X -R(TYG02) work extremely well, as do Verbatim 16X - R's(MCC03RG20) both burned at 8X. They don't like DL DVD's much, tend to freeze at the layer break :C , too bad, they're great players.

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