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anyone cared enough to share the truth of heaven and hell


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I must say I am ashamed...ashamed...ashamed by the Blasphemy being shown here.


Have any of you stopped to think that the person who started this thread knows what he is talking about?


Has it ever occurred to any of you that you should be in fear of going to hell because of your actions?


Have any of you ever thought about repenting so you can save your soul?





















Me neither!




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The original poster did apparently get one thing right. Where he said "Hell is described as a place of suffering forever for all those who are not saved. {Matthew 13:50}". That proves what I've been saying about King george. Since the devil was elected president this country has gone staright to hell.


What do you think Blu?

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She might if MJ included some pics of muscley naked firemen in the mail ! :lol:







Bikini-wearing fireman charged

A man wearing a woman's wig and a string bikini has been charged with taking a drunken afternoon romp through a park in Ohio, in the United States, officials said.


Steven Cole, a 46-year-old volunteer firefighter, told an officer he was on his way to a bar to perform as a woman in a contest offering a $US10,000 ($A12,240) prize, the arrest report said.


He pleaded not guilty to charges of drunken driving, public indecency and disorderly conduct.


Cole was arrested Tuesday after police received a report that an intoxicated man was walking and driving around Heritage Oak Park in Mason. Police said Cole was wearing a blond wig, pink thongs and a red-black-and-white striped bikini with the top filled out by tan water balloons.


His blood-alcohol test registered 0.174, more than twice Ohio's legal driving limit of 0.08, the arrest report said.


"He is obviously humiliated and embarrassed by the entire situation," said Cole's lawyer, Charlie Rittgers, who added that he is investigating the circumstances that led to the arrest.


Cole did not return a call seeking comment. He remained free on his own recognisance until trial, set for May 24.


Cole has been a Wayne Township firefighter since 2000. Township officials said he will be placed on administrative leave.



steven_cole_narrowweb__300x739,0.jpgSteven Cole has been charged with public indecency and disorderly conduct.

Photo: AP

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That news is almost a year old...that was so last year.


What is old is new again.


In the words of Slipknot...


"I hope I go to heaven so I will never have to see your face again!"


In the words of Daffy Duck...


"Ridicule is the Burden of Genius."

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Will somebody please explain this thread to me? Anyone? :D


I notice the spammer has disappeared.


You didn't expect a spammer to stick around, did you? :doh: Also, this thread is self explanatory. Obvious to the point of ridiculous. I just wish someone would explain it to me too. =))

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Just look at what that bloody fuckhead started!!! Dunno what's worse, the religious zealots or the kiss my gun lovers.


On balance, I can walk away safe from a religious zealot (unless he has a weapon). Wyatt Earp incarnate, I need to give a wider berth to.



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Well I was hoping he would come back and defend his views. After all, you (Shamus), refuted what he was saying point by point from his own god book. A bit of righteous indignation would have been nice.


Nothing like a good flame post eh Les? :D

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its the other head I was talking bout


I thought the aussies did research years ago to detirmine why the head was bigger then the shaft


:lightbulb: "keeps the hand from slipping off" =))=))

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