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DIP is refusing to play nice...


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All da sudden, whether I've read or written an image with IB, the "DIP button: no longer displays the graph. :o


I've been using since it was released and have never had this problem before (or with any of the past releases, for that matter).


Even using the command on the File Menu doesn't work. :huh: I have to locate the auto-generated graph manually or copy the address into the CLI to make it open.


No major systems issues. (Only recent weirdness was Winamp flipping out when I installed DFX 8.35 and track were coming out randomly as static on my XP machine regardless of format; on my Vista* [Home Premium] laptop, static only happened when I played an MP3.)


Anyone else run into this? Or are the 'Puter Gods having fun with ol' Pain Man again...?



*>>slight digression<<


VISTA SUCKS EQUINE (& canine, feline, ursine and ruminant) ORIFICES!!! :angry: Sorry, had to get that off my chest. Also, FINALLY got my "free" upgrade to VISTA for the rig I purchased in NOV on last year. It was supposed to be hear FIVE months ago. Got here yesterday.


In a way I'm thankful that BestBuy replaced our eMachine laptop (which was a lemon; yes, I was pretty amazed myself, but they gave us a $900 credit because they had to do four repairs on the damned thing; BestBuy has its problems, surely, but they definitely live up to their warranties!) with a Toshiba Satellite A205-S406--the burner even writes RAM discs--which had Vista.


Now there's no way in HELL I'm going to use Vista on my Desktop. I'll probably follow Minter's advice, install the upgrade, "activate" it and then immediately restore XP with Acronis TI.

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no problems with and DIP here PM , using vista so cant confirm XP




I haven't installed it on Vista. Probably won't. The DVD burner that came with the laptop is nice, esp since it can write DVD-RAM discs. But it's slow. So I can't see myself burning to many DLs on it.


I'm sure I would install it on Vista. It's always been squirrely, a little, under XP. Given the obnoxious mess that is Vista, I shudder to think.


Already half a dozen of my most necessary apps malfunction under Vista, some times catastrophically. Other times just annoyingly.


I hate the damned thing. If only Apple hadn't been run by morons. It'd be a two OS world and quality would be higher all the way around. Funny thing is, 65% of PC problems are not caused by Windows (pre-Vista that is). They're caused by "fucker coding". A highly technical term designating sloppy, patched together code, some of stolen, some borrowed, some cannibalized, and often held together with the digital equivalent of scotch tape and bailing wire.

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