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Shooting in Melbourne


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What a crock of... :horse:


Every time this type of thread starts the dialog between :horse: gun lovers and :horse: members who wish guns didn't exist leads to the same reality...It's legal here in the States, maybe a bit overdone, but still legal.


What a crock of... :horse:

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had web problems this morning, sent my research, and the web said it couldn't find imgburn



The Irish are gonna fight irish forever

the arabs will never get along either

africans will war on their neighbors

criminals are gonna make our lives miserable


vegans will expect us to stop eating meat because they are right and we are wrong

christians and muslum----------------

christians and jews-----------


and anti guns , and proguns, will never agree either

neither of us is willing to give an inch because the other will never be happy with an inch



Just remember the politicians making these laws are exempt from them

VP Cheny

Ted Kennedy

least wise they are never prosecuted



It would have been three but he couldn't catch him.


And that is the point. Lives were lost, but a life was saved. "


Your point being we need to be physically fitter then the bad guys?????????

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kev and i are happy to be missing the point (somebody move roll on the floor to the frnt of the list, my cable seems to run at slow dialup regularly)

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suicide watch?

are we going to have a lenghty trial, appeals, years on death row, that he's afraid of.

You know DR. Death ( Jack kevorkian) is out of prison now, maybe the guy needs a physical

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michigan doesn't havecapitol punishment either, darn.

I not only believe in capitol punishment, I think some of them should die te same kind of sadistic horrible tortorous mutilation deaths they inflicted. Some of them just don't deserve a quick death.

Maybe a beheading like they do in arabic countrys, by the relatives.

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