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Father of a daughter? They're watching...


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How long till changing a diaper's a felony?


Some total stranger's "instinct" could bring Child Protective Services to your door... (And you thought it was taking a chance being alone with an unrelated girl...)



What Feminism Hath Wrought

June 27, 2007


by Rush Limbaugh



RUSH: There's a story now here from the Virginia Pilot newspaper. "For years, campaigns to stop child sexual crimes have focused on encouraging children to speak up about abuse. State health officials are trying a new tactic. The latest push, at least in Hampton Roads, is to educate adults on how to spot - and stop - sexual offenders. The 'Stop It Now' campaign - just launched locally - will urge people to call a help line if they see an adult whom they suspect of having a sexual relationship with a child. Billboards --" and I've got the picture of it, let me show this to you for those of you watching on the Dittocam, let me zoom in here so you can get a sharp eye on the poster. Now, if you look closely, what you see there is a young girl's hand, we are to believe, and her father's hand, and that is the billboard accompanying this "Stop It Now" campaign, stop father abuse of daughters. That's why I showed you the picture. I'm dead serious.




"Billboards and posters show an adult hand holding a child's hand, with the words: 'It doesn't feel right when I see them together.' A national help line number is listed, and through it callers can get advice about what to do. Rebecca Odor, who directs the sexual and domestic violence prevention division for the state Department of Health, said officials hope to reach people who might feel uncomfortable reporting a relative or acquaintance to law enforcers. 'We want to teach them to trust their instinct and, if it doesn't feel right, take action,' Odor said." If you're out in the mall somewhere, and you look at something, you see a father holding hands -- now, does anybody think that a mother holding hands with a son would arouse any suspicion? Of course not! Nobody's going to say, "That doesn't look right to me." But you're going to have some oddball feminists or people that believe that garbage running around the malls, the grocery stores, dads in there holding a little girl's hand after being educated on this sexual abuse campaign to stop it, "I feel something's not right about that." So you call this number, and this poor guy is going to get a visit from somebody. "You were seen walking in the tomato section holding your daughter's hand, and some people have bad feelings about it." This is where it's been headed. This is how this stuff all starts. Men are predators, fathers beat up their daughters, sexually abuse them. This is the most innocent looking picture you can find, this billboard.


Here's the way to deal with this, folks. We gotta cut to the chase. In order for fathers to have any sense of security and freedom as they go about their lives as men, we need to ban father and daughter activity, zero tolerance ban on father-daughter activity. If they display any affection whatsoever for their children, red flags ought to go up on everybody's brain. While you're at it, stop men from holding hands with their boys. I mean, you know where that leads, you know it, and I know it. Actually, that would be okay. In our culture today, that would be progressive, that would be cool.




RUSH: You know, we had this story before Father's Day from TIME Magazine, in which two female writers talking to three female shrinks, biologists, anthropologists, sociologists, zoologists, or whatever, went out there and said that, yeah, Father's Day is coming up, but fathers may not deserve the award. They may not deserve the honor, because so many of them are absent; so many of them are just shirking their responsibilities. Well, it seems to me now -- given what we've just learned from Hampton Roads, Virginia, about this stop abuse campaign -- that TIME Magazine should retract their anti-Father's Day story. It seems to me that these fathers that are absent and not hanging around. They're doing the right thing by staying away from their kids. Seems like these guys are ahead of the game. These guys are prescient. These guys get it. Fathers are doing the right thing by staying away from their kids. They're not getting any trouble, they're not going to be said to be abusers -- and of course they just set up the libs to expand the welfare state. Liberals ought to love these guys that have nothing to do with their kids.

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I'm not going to stop holding my 3 year old sons hand when we cross the road or when we are walking to from the parking lot into the store. If these fuckers want to come and knock on my door let em....it's just a shame that society is going to allow Joe Schmoe be the police. So now if anyone has a vendetta with someone they have a good way to get their satisfaction through the abuse of this new system they think is so great. What a crock of shit.

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