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How can I change the booktype on my Memorex DVD-DL burner?


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This Memorex DVD DL Burner i have... I dont know how to change the booktype on this burner. Is there any tools that support Memorex DVD DL burners and any other burners to change the booktype thx


What cornholio7 is getting at is this : Memorex doesn't make it's own burners (or discs for that matter). Somebody made the burner for them and they just rebranded the thing. We need to know the real brand and model of the burner or else we can't help you.


What you can do to find out what the real brand and model is this :


1. run Device Manager on Windows (I'm assuming you are using Windows 2k or XP)

2, open DVD/CD-ROM drives

3. look at the list of drives shown there - it should contain the real brand and model number of your writer

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