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McAfee offers free Rootkit Detective

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McAfee recently announced the availability of a new, free tool, Rootkit Detective, that the company claims has the most comprehensive rootkit detection capabilities available today.


"We have achieved extremely high levels of accuracy, using various techniques to find anything that hides itself on a computer," says Ahmed Sallam, lead research architect at McAfee.


The company says that the tool reveals hidden processes, Registry entries, and files, and scans kernel memory to detect modifications. The tool then lets users remove or disable detected malware. The tool can also collect samples and allows users to submit them to McAfee's Avert Labs for analysis.


Rootkit Detective, as described on McAfee's download page, runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. But be aware that the tool isn't for the novice. Mistakes in a removal process could easily crash your system. Be extremely careful if you use it.

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