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Internet Wifi Radio


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Got one of these today and they are pretty neat.


Linux based and easy to mod uses usb 802.11b inside :lol


Can play mp3 wma real etc can stream from windows shares.


Only MONO from base not sure about through headphones. Hoping it is Stereo through headphones but for £39.99



£39.99 reserve it online and collect it at store saving you £6.99 postage



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Update it is stereo through the headphones.


Also I modded it by removing the USB wifi dongle inside and stuck in a 3 port Usb Hub to attach a bluetooth dongle and usb 4 gig flash pen however it looks like the one usb port inside cannot power the hub etc.


Wish I was better with a soldering iron/electronics to find a 5v power source inside to power hub.


Still very good Internet Radio that Is Upnp/windows share capable.

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