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suggestion wanted for imaging task


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trying to find a way of converting some photo's into a simple outline, so kids can colour it in. similar to what you see in kids colouring in books. just a simple pencil outline of all the detail with no shading or differant shades of grey/black/white


I cant see a way of doing it with ms paint , or paintshop pro ( unless im missing the obvious)

suggestions for a free imaging program that will do this are welcome

thanks in advance

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Thanks Donta


not saying we are behind the times in this household, but we are still on paint shop pro 6 LOL , latest is v11 .I dont mind upgrading/buying i if it does what im trying to do


i was still using a printer from 1995 till last week ( scanned and printed) and as i dont really use a printer much there was never really a need to buy a "modern" one. ended up buying a wireless all in one off a guy at work ( fell off the back of a lorry without getting damaged amazingly ), hence my daughters need to copy some photos and re-design the patterns on the clothes in the photo's


that link didnt tell me where to find the setting im after unfortunately, only how they drew there own pics.

tried the scanner and greyscale , but my software doesnt allow much flexibilty in the quality of scan, so was unable to acheive what i wanted to do

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was thinking adobe photo 5.0


could also b&w, contrast, brightness, (some shading left)

forget what they call it, but easier to remove subject from from and erase background then in the past

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