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speed test


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Well now that the new comp is up and mostly loaded

does a dual core actually run faster then a single at the same speed, or is that a function of the program written to take advantage of it??

let me think udma 133, fsb 1000, vs sata 2.0--- well I see an improvement there mathmetically, but is the sata gonna slow down because of the bus speed.???

I rely on my friends knowledge to break this down to simple english for me, not to much techno speak please


Not real impressed with boot speed, considering new xp pro isn't loaded with sys manufacturer addons, seems slower then old sony. Have only installed drivers for video card, haven't even had a chance to do a dvd yet.


Somebody point me towards a speedtest prog, will test the thing with ide hdd, and after sata hdd is installed soon

Will try both ways with dvds also

Hmmm- better take a dvd to it- and see if it likes them


keep forgeting to get a small chessboard blue, not spending much time in toy department lately

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wasn't a terrible boot, but not faster then old computer, still had time to get to fridge, open beer and return

yellow ! marks

how about yellow ? marks

other devices

other pci bridge device

pci mem controller

sm bus controller

- - what other pci devices???? only installed evga 7600gt all other pci slots still empty

(quick question, how many games you got that need 2 video cards, to keep up with graphics?)


drivers for mobo, not yet, and forgot to check rev while I was out there

didn't even check for newer rev on asus disk

intel chipset? will have to check that asus m2n e sli


wmp would not play dvd- no dvd decoder installed installed powerdvd 4.0 (it was here)

power dvd doesn't work but wmp does now

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there's all kinds of "other devices" that make the computer work, you are using windows xp sp2 right?


it's not a good idea to start anywhere below that


proper order is load xpsp2 then load any driver(preferably from the mobo's web site or in some cases from the actual chipset maker) or if the mobo is newer use the cd that came with it.


those chipset drivers that support the northbridge and your video should be loaded BEFORE the video driver for the vid card


other device, just means windows doesn't know what in the hell it is

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xp pro sp2

load m2n-e-sli chipset drivers first

then video card drivers


new sata drive coming soon, will wait, and start over

anything else in specific order after imgburn


and of course after its all finally loaded :drinks: restore point :drunk:

in that order???

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ok (dual core 2.6 gig, 2 gig ram)

before installing drivers in proper order on sata drive

ran LUK's older program and saved results to ide drive

15 minutes

after installing everything to sata , saved same to sata drive

4 min 58 seconds

I'm impressed with sata


Ran same stuff on old p4, 2.4 gig 1/2 gig ram, cluttered machine (really needs clean install)

5 min 24 secs


I'm not impressed no more


certainly some of this is read speed of dvd player

but since old machine is really close, is this a standard speed range?

I think I'd like to try some other speed test on both machines and find some bottle necks

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Norton ghost and make a ghost image it runs from dos from boot CD


local partition to image is the option to choose when you want to save (best if you have your hard drive partitioned)


and local partition from image when you want to load it back up.


If done wrong you can wipe your hard drive. (make sure you choose correct hard drive to make image from and right hard drive if you ever have to load ghost image back in)


Check your pm in about 4 minutes



[edit just read the post above missed it somehow]



Depends oh how you have your hardware set up.




take one of my systems for example. [using 80 Wire IDE cable] on all hardware


[1st] hard drive [partitioned][PATA] On IDE 0 <Master> (lots of time this is Blue) with DVD ROM drive connected as Slave


[2nd] DVD Writer[iDE] On IDE 1 <Master> with 2nd Hard drive[Partitioned] [PATA] connected as Slave


This way I can Read ISO from the DVD ROM drive(slave) to the 2nd Hard drive(slave) the fastest It can be done.(separate IDE channels)


(I then process _ts to DVD-5 ISO) from 2nd hard drive IDE 1 to the 1st hard drive IDE 0 (fastest)


Once ISO is stored to 1st hard drive IDE 0 Write from DVD writer Master on IDE 1 (Separate IDE channels) With Data coming from IDE 0 (fastest)


Add to this mix some SATA hard drives then you can read and write to any other hardware you have pretty much the fastest your system can handle.

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will try the ghost


will need some longer wires to try that

I'm currently running both hdd on the same line, both opt writers on the other

my case has writers at top, and hdd's at bottom(5" at top- 3 1/2 bottom)

I remember a thread somewhere , board side of cable to master, slave in middle and master to mobo

the last longer cable I bought still had the same distance between the 2 unit ends

I don't see a reason it won't work---anyone else?

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what a nightmare, hard drives should never share, unless they are never going to used at the same time(talking to each other)


If I have 3 pata dvd burners in a computer, the 2 which will be used for on the fly are going to be on seperate ide's.


Your new computer needs to be benched by something that taxes the cpu/memory bus and is not bottlenecked with disk I/O.


try a video compression test from hard drive to hard drive on seperate cables


you won't read a dvd much faster than 5 minutes no matter what, hard drive to hard drive takes about 2 minutes for a little over 4 gigs, but fast memory or fast cpu is not needed


convert an avi to mpeg2 or try a 55% compression of mpeg2 and then your upgrade will slaughter your older computer


3dmark and aquamark are fun to run also, then you get to see video components having a play

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  • 3 weeks later...

well chewy

finally ran aquamark

aquamark triscore gfx 14.310 cpu 11,367, total 87,812 (nothing to compare it to )

tried it on girlfriends p4 2.4 gig machine, it self abborted, think the video on mobo

did get a 36" round cable from newegg, just long enough to go from ide to optdrive(slave) and then back to bottom of case and catch harddrive

have a real bottleneck of wires in bottom corner of case now

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well its working still, had to many ide devices (hdd and opt) to just toss them

main hdd is sata though

new cable appox 16 to slave and then 20 to master, problem was distance between slave and master in this case


bought a pci ide card to repair old machine with bad ide controller, you suggesting this would work better with the pci card in the new machine instead of the ide controller on the mobo


tried a combo memory card reader, 3 1/2 floopy from rosewill, already rma'ing it back to newegg, neither half worked

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bought a pci ide card to repair old machine with bad ide controller, you suggesting this would work better with the pci card in the new machine instead of the ide controller on the mobo


what I was suggesting is those pata devices would work better if they were using standard cables(18 inch)


a controller card makes more sense when you don't have enough pata from the motherboard


I save pata onboard for optical drives


The specified maximum cable length for both ATA66, ATA100 and ATA133 is 18 inches. Using longer lengths can eventually lead to data corruption despite the excellent CRC checking done in Ultra DMA mode. Use cables longer than 18 inches at your own risk!


staying in dma 2 might be a good idea

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never seen that 18" spec before, so much for my cure

guess I can run both optics on the same ide line, only use them 1 at a time anyhow and I'm down to 1 pata hdd anyhow

I was kinda curious if it was gonna work all waded up in that round tube anyhow, don't know if were talking about enough current to induce magnetic induction to another line that wouldn't normally be that close

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if the pata drive is dog slow anyway, the burst is the only thing that would get you in trouble with the long cable


the length of the cable just weakens the signal, the extra time is insignificant


ata33/dma2 was not sited as being a problem

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