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specs on it are very good, pity they dont make a 42 or Higher"" version


Only has 1 hdmi (poor choice)


I would want any future tv that i buy to have at least 2 HDMI [3x Component] .. VGA DVI Built in Digital tuner.


Review at gizmondo also say that the PIP is limited.

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Usb will be for store photos on flash pen/slide show, Mp3. [possibly service if there is no RS232]


That vizio looks OK but 8ms response time a bit high, my HDTV is 6ms response and that still produces on SD motion trail/blur. Cannot watch football on it.


If you wanted to use that 47 for any other use (like xbox 360 over component/ Ps3) will be good (HDMI) will be Very good If you got one of the Elite or Newer model 360 and the PS3.

If you wanted to use that TV for PC monitor over VGA it limits you to lower res but over Hdmi or DVI to HDMI see if the specs allow 1:1 pixel mapping.


Sound out of these tv's is normally poor to OK the sound on the one I have is average to OK which is why my sound only ever goes out to 7.1 amp/speakers


Was looking at a samsung 70"" production hdtv $63k only available in Korea then I remembered the 108" Sharp one now thats a TV

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The Vizio will suit my needs just fine and it's 400-500 dollars cheaper than competing brands of the same size. I've got the original Xbox and don't plan on buying anything newer until my boy gets a little older so I have a few years yet. I also have everything running through a Yamaha receiver and Klipsch speakers.

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