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PS3 vs X-Box -- which way should I go?


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My wife and I are considering whether to buy a Playstation 3 or an X-box 360.




My brother's got an Xbox 360 and it looks excellent on his plasma TV. (Natch, it's not in the same league as my dual 1/2 GB Radeon Crossfire X1950XTX with a Core Duo 7300 and 4Gb of RAM and a 23in 16x10 LCD flat panel monitor.)


I'm rather desperate for a Blu-Ray player*. If the PS3 is equivalent than the Xbox, the former seems the logical choice to me.


The PS3 comes in a 40GB and an 80GB models; why would one choose the 80 over the 40? Do the saved games take up that much space?




I've compared them at stores on top of the line TVs and the Blu-Ray format simply blows doors. It is light-years ahead of HD-DVD in nearly every way I can think of.


the difference in picture clarity between the two "Hi-Def" formats is like that between regular DVDs and VHS: no comparison.


Besides, Blu-Ray (discs and players) is out-selling HD-DVD by more than two to one.


This time, I think, Sony has already won the format war.


So if some of y'all would be so kind as to my what you think of the two consoles, pros/cons, etc, I'd really appreciate it.


I haven't had a console since my Atari 2600 (yeah, I know; but with computers having such incredible capabilities I haven't seen the reason for a dedicated console; but add-in a Blu-Ray player and that's a deal) so I do need some help in this area.


What better place to come than here?

xbox 360 for life







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