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shipping in europe


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what the heck, looking at this page I was shocked by the charges




I had been under the impression that after all the talk of common market, european union that the medieval nationalism protectionism was gone and trade barriers were being lowered



30Euro duty to switz, extra charges for ireland, guess it was all talk

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Yeah Chewy, looks like they're getting screwed, but the cost is for up to 75 pounds, not broken down on a per oz/lb base like it is here...but it would take a load of jump drives to amount to 75 lbs worth.... :doh: I do see your point on the surcharge though, definitely looks like protectionism >_<

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Politics at work


wish I was dishonest enough to do it for a living, great perks, great pension, and if you get caught, all the others help protect your butt

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Germany in general has the cheapest shipping thruout Europe

as Spinner said, the prices quoted are for 70 odd pounds in weight , when you check the english language page on that site a parcel to the UK is 15 euro ( about 9-10 english pounds) which is quite reasonable when you compare it with the UK parcel carriers prices


i did a price check on a parcel from the UK to Germany. For a parcel weighing 30kg ( 70Ilb ish) and measuring 12inch by 12inch by 12 inch using economy service


Cost = 58.70 sterling ( 90 to 100 euro's)


so all of a sudden , the German post is VERY chaep compared with UK costs

Germany to UK via German post for a 30kg parcel = 10 pounds sterling

Uk to germany via UK post for same package = 58 pounds sterling


Anything sent to Ireland and Northern Ireland has always carried a surcharge, because of the events of terrorism over the years there, basically , no one wanted to deliver goods in case of items getting damaged/lost/stolen and cost of insurance claims


for fun i cic the same check on a parcel to the USA

International economy service is 153.15 pounds ( 300 US dollars) and upto 28 dyas for delivery !!!!

and this isnt tracked, with no insurance in the event of loss or damage .The US postal department wont do insured shipping on inbound international items, because they cant garantee delivery !!

I would of thought after 7/11 they would track every single inbound item as normal procedure

using a postal service other than a courier, how much is it to send the same 70ib parcel to the UK ?

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