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itunes 0or is it just me


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Is it just me who cant download ITunes 7.5 from apple ?


spent most of the day trying to get it for my daughter and her new nano ( which has to have v7.5 apparantly) and all i get i the "Thank you for downloading Itunes" message


presume its there server thats screwed up due to about 20 million new Ipods being given as presents today .


all i want to do is get some music onto the ipod for her to listen to

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I have no issues


the apple rootkit clan are very clever, they behave themselves like yellow jackets until the colony reaches borg strength, after that they go into aggressive mode seeking out competing progams and hardware with deadly efficiency


total fumigation and partition deletion is the remedy but by then you are assimilated


frontal lobotomy?

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I use foobar2000 (with ipod plugin) or WMP (with ipod plugin) for my ipod. iTunes is the work of the devil!

What version of foobar and foobar ipod plug-in do you currently have and where do you get them?

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